As well as providing opportunities for individuals, an Apprenticeship program can also offer some distinct advantages to the employers.


What are the benefits of an apprenticeship to an employer?

The qualifications are delivered in the workplace and the delivery method is extremely flexible and extremely effective from an employer’s point of view, giving them the opportunity to tailor the program to their individual requirements and give an employee a ‘job specific’ qualification.

A formal qualification with this delivery model means increased performance from employees. The increased performance level of the workforce, inevitably, leads to higher productivity. The workers also become highly motivated and this results in better products and services. A productive workforce is also a happier, more motivated workforce.

Performance is important, but employees like to feel valued, so giving them the opportunity to gain a formal qualification through their employer increases their motivation and job confidence. Providing opportunities like this could also increase staff retention.

Employers also benefit from developing employees to nationwide accepted standards, with a recognised awarding body, resulting in enhanced efficiency to customers. It also provides a better assurance of a candidate’s competence.

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